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The Scientific Political Scholarship Foundation is looking for additional sponsors to finance the scholarships.


The scholarship program was set up by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences with the great financial and non-material support of the GEBERT RÜF STIFTUNG. Today the foundation is financed by contributions from organizations that want to support the foundation's purpose. A comprehensive foundation from the private and public sector is sought. When using the finances, the Board of Trustees and the management ensure that they are as efficient as possible. The limited funds are used carefully.


Key figures

From the start of activities in 2002 to 2022, 45 scholarships have been awarded. Since 2013, 2 scholarships have been awarded annually.  The foundation has one: n employees: n with a 20% position (managing director: in). The foundation's annual expenditure is CHF 240,000, including CHF 200,000 directly for the scholarships. 

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