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The Foundation Board 

The composition of the Board should reflect the areas of science and politics. The Board  decides on all matters relating to the foundation. Together with the office, the members of the Board ensure that the foundation's objectives, activities and structures are as transparent as possible and appropriate to the purpose of the foundation.

Our members

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Martial Pasquier.16a9479c009292cb89d4b85f5d86183d.jpg
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Philippe Schwab

President of the Scientific Scholarship Foundation

Secretary General of the Federal Assembly

Martial Pasquier

Vice President  



Professeur à l'institut de hautes études en administration publique (idheap)

Andrea Hungerbühler

Managing Director of the Chamber of Universities of Education at swissuniversities

Alumna Scientific Political Scholarships

Hannes Germann

Council of States (SVP, SH)

President of the Science, Education and Culture Commission

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Bruno Staffelbach

Rektor Uni Luzern, Swissuniversities

Axel Marion

Secretary General of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) 

Philipp Burkhard

Head of Science et Cité

Jürg Stahl

President of the Board of Trustees of the Swiss National Science Foundation

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